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We're thrilled you wanted to learn more about Lifestyle Self-Made. In our launch party episode, we show you everything you can expect in the coming weeks of our brand new Lifestyle Self-Made Podcast. We will email you about upcoming episodes and you can join us live to win Platinum + InnerCircle memberships. 

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Here's our upcoming schedule...again, each episode premieres live on YouTube...with a $297 prize giveaway:

May 15 - Ty Cohen: Kindle expert and real estate investor who overcame poverty and cheated death...more than once.
May 22 - Kelly McCausey: Mindset coach, podcast pioneer, Twitch streaming granny, former foster mom.
May 29 - Debbie Drum: Sunbird, competitive pickle ball player, content creator, AI enthusiast.
June 5 - Colin Theriot: Art student turned copywriter...turned into a family doing exactly what he wants each day.
June 12 - Ross Goldberg: Internet marketing veteran who overcame serious health challenges and a personal transformation
June 19 - Lisa Meta Griff: Self-mastery teacher and lover of life from New York, spending half the year conducting retreats in Mexico.
June 26 - Becky Beach: Printables expert, former web developer, go-getter and competitive chorus member.

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I'm excited because my friends, Yusef and Alice, have released a really great podcast for entrepreneur-minded people. It's called Lifestyle Self-Made and features the stories of online business owners who have overcome challenges and created their ideal lifestyles through entrepreneurship. I watched their launch party episode and loved it...so wanted to share it with you too.


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